7 Sharing Data with the FreeStyle CoPilot Host


The FreeStyle CoPilot Host system resides on an Internet server managed by Abbott Diabetes Care. It allows home users and HCPs to securely share and exchange updated profile information, data uploaded from devices, and manually recorded health information:

  • Home users can exchange information with one or more HCPs.
  • HCPs can exchange information with patients, and other HCPs.

The FreeStyle CoPilot Host acts as a trusted intermediary. It uses a highly secure method of sharing data - the same type of security technology typically used for online banking and shopping.

The FreeStyle CoPilot Host allows home users to assign user rights to HCPs to allow or prohibit sharing of information, and read-only or read/write access.

To use the FreeStyle CoPilot Host, you must:

  • Install the FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System (see Section 2: FreeStyle CoPilot System Installation.)
  • Set up a Host account.
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