5 Viewing and Printing Reports


 With the FreeStyle CoPilot system, data entered manually or uploaded from a device can be displayed on the screen in a variety of ways. Statistical and other calculations are automatically performed on the data, and the results are put into tables and graphs. A report is one or a set of these tables and graphs. 

Figure 66. Glucose Modal Day Report - For Illustrative Purposes Only

Any report can be customized to your preferences. Many variables can be adjusted in real time as you view the report. These are described in Section 5.3 - Personalizing Report Settings.

Data cannot be changed in any reports except the Diary List. Corrections or additions to manually entered data can be made by accessing the Data Entry screen for the event. Refer to the individual report sections for instructions on calling up the Diary List entry for past events. The changes display immediately on any affected report.

Once opened, a report remains open until you close it. Any number of reports can be open at the same time; only one is visible. Each open report shows as a tab at the top of the screen.

All open reports apply the same active date range, data filter options, and display features. Changing these settings in any report changes them for all other open reports.

CAUTION: For glucose and insulin entries, if the Time Period is changed manually, all reports will still be displayed as defined by the Time Period setting in the User Profile.

Note: Any decimal calculations that are 0.4 or less are rounded to 0. Any decimal calculations that are 0.5 or greater are rounded to 1.

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